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Contour Survey

A land surveyor will come to your property to conduct this survey using high accuracy instrumentation. This survey is also commonly used building designers or architects to design new homes, renovations, retaining walls and landscape design.

When subdividing the surveyor will prepare the contour survey plan and then design your subdivision to fit this plan. This plan needs to be extremely accurate and show the following things as a minimum:

  • Existing buildings.
  • Fence lines.
  • Original lot boundaries.
  • Original lot area.
  • Proposed lot boundaries.
  • Proposed lot areas.
  • Existing service locations
  • Proposed lot areas.
  • Distance setbacks from proposed subdivision boundaries to  existing buildings.
  • Distances to roof lines if doing a battle-axe survey.

My subdivision Perth is owned and managed by Zenith Land Surveyors who will undertake the initial contour survey for your subdivision.

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Final Pegging Survey

When your subdivision has been conditionally approved at the WAPC you will need to do a second survey called a final pegging survey.

A pegging survey is when the surveyor comes back to site to install wooden pegs in the ground which will be in the position of your new boundaries.

If you are doing a rear lot battle axe subdivision you will require internal fencing to separate the lots. The new fence lines will go on the line between these pegs making sure you do not build the fence too far into either of the new lots.

Additional to this Western Power will not schedule the installation of the new power dome until you or the surveyor provides them with a photo of the new survey peg in the ground so they can install the power dome to the exact location.

What is the process for a subdivision Pegging Survey?
  • Licensed Surveyor comes to site and installs survey pegs
  • Surveyor creates Deposited Plan or Survey Strata Plan to be lodged at Landgate
  • Surveyor lodges final plan with field notes & CSD file at Landgate
  • This plan represents your historical record for the plan of subdivision for the new created lots


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