About My Subdivision

Subdivision Surveyors Perth

My Subdivision are qualified land surveyors & project managers who  provide simple, easy to understand information and advice for people who are subdividing their land.

We have worked & project managed many subdivisions across Perth, and apply our experience, industry and local knowledge to projects of all sizes and complexity.

We streamline and simplify the Subdivision Process for our clients combined with our experience and knowledge, enables us to find creative answers to challenging problems.

Our Benefits & Knowledge

We decided to build this website and detail the different conditions presented in a typical Conditional Approval from the WAPC for a smaller residential subdivision.

As a developer you will be dealing with different agencies such as Water Corporation / Western Power & Local Government. Each government authority will present its own challenging conditions which if not handled properly could lead to loss of time and money on a project.

We are experienced Engineering & Licensed Land Surveyors and no subdivision can be completed without a land surveyor.

Please consider this website a place where you can come and educate yourself as you move through each stage of your subdivision. The subdivision process is easy when you have the right company supporting you.