Subdivison Type

2, Grey Road, Padbury

2 Lot Corner Block – Survey Strata Subdivision

My Subdivision Service Provided

Full Project Management & Land Surveying

Project Summary

On this project my subdivision was engaged to undertake full project management and Land Surveying due to our client working out of Tasmania and having concerns that they may make a costly mistake on their first subdivision. The offered service would require us to engage all trades to undertake works, schedule the timing of the project to meet an EOFY deadline and come up with a strategy to keep costs down by doing a detailed subdivision feasibility report and investigation.

Project Challenges

  • Provide turn-key project management and land surveying service.
  • Meeting the client’s maximum budget for spending.
  • Council wall near boundary where underground power supply meant to go.
  • Meeting criteria for corner block subdivision under Development Policy 2.2

Project Outcome

  • Project delivered $6000 under clients total allowed budget due to careful planning of the subdivision and negotiations with Joondalup Council. We successfully negotiated not having to install an additional crossover requested by council leading to a saving of nearly $2000.
  • To avoid working near an already unstable council wall, and with the need to install underground power in a suitable location, a decision was made to install the power dome in a different location. This decision removed the risk of needing additional engineering drawings prepared and a structural integrity check done on this wall which may have collapsed after western power ran their cables behind. This “Risk Assessment” was critical to avoid thousands of $$ in potential damage repair costs and issues with Joondalup council.
  • Development policy 2.2 corner block bonus requirements are relatively new and a strong understanding is required to guarantee approval of the subdivision and to avoid delays in dealing with the WAPC and local council.

Project Costs

  • Western Australian Planning Commission / WAPC –$4200
  • City of Joondalup Fees-$150
  • Water Corporation Fees-$6500
  • Western Power Fees-$4900
  • Landgate Fees -$423
  • Land Surveying / Project Management Fees-$5000-$8000 (indicative).
  • Plumber Fees -$1800
  • Unit Entitlement Valuation (FORM 3) -$270
  • Electricians Fees -$2500
  • Settlement Agent Fees-$900
  • Privacy 1.8m high Colorbond Fence Install -$3000
  • Install 4m2 Storage Shed – (Done by Owner)

Total Costings on Project -$32,600

Western Power Requirements

  • New underground power dome installed by western power contractor.
  • Fees paid to Western Power.
  • Electrician laid cables from new power dome toexisting house and organised disconnection of existing overhead power cable connected to house.
  • Electrician installed site main switch board to satisfy the 30m rule.

Water Corporation Requirements

  • Plumber re-routed new plumbing pipes to service the 2 new strata lots.
  • Fees paid to Water Corporation

City of Joondalup Requirements

  • Clear new lot of all materials and structures e.g. steel shed
  • Existing house retained original parking bays and carport to satisfy R-Codes.
  • Removed and back-filled old septic sewer systems & leach drains.
  • Signed Statutory Declaration for removal of old septic sewer systems
  • Install 4m2 storage shed
  • Additional requested crossover to be installed (Overturned)
  • New 1.8m colorbond fence installed.