Subdivison Type

6 Zinnia Way, Willetton, WA

2 Lot Side by Side Green Title Subdivision.

My Subdivision Service Provided

Full Project Management & Land Surveying.

Project Summary

On this project my subdivision Perth was engaged to undertake full project management due to our client working offshore and having concerns that they may make a costly mistake on their first subdivision. The offered service would require us to engage all trades to undertake works, schedule the timing of the project to meet an EOFY deadline and come up with a strategy to keep costs down by doing a detailed subdivision feasibility report and investigation.

Project Challenges

  • Provide turn-key project management and land surveying service.
  • Meeting the client’s maximum budget for spending.
  • Earthworks component to meet City of Canning requirements
  • Strategy to avoid construction of boundary retaining walls due to additional site fill being introduced.

Project Outcome

  • Project delivered $18,000 under clients total allowed budget due to careful planning of the subdivision and negotiations with Canning Council.
  • Earthworks was completed by Adaptable Group under our direction. Careful planning between our companies allowed for the minimum amount of sand to be brought in which translated into cost savings for client.
  • Boundary Retaining was avoided and $15,000 was saved due to how earthworks were completed. A strategy was used to taper the new raised land away to meet the boundary fence at ground level. This meant that no soil was putting additional force on the fence and therefore, there was no need to retain along the fence line.

Project Costs

  • Western Australian Planning Commission / WAPC –$4200
  • City of Canning Fees - $150
  • Water Corporation Fees - $6500
  • Western Power Fees - $4900
  • Landgate Fees - $423
  • Land Surveying / Project Management Fees - $5000-$8000 (indicative).
  • Plumber Fees -$3500
  • Settlement Agent Fees-$900
  • Demolition Fees - $16000
  • Earthworks Fees-$17000
  • Crossover Removal Fees -$500
  • Geotechnical Report / Engineer Fees -$800

Total Costings on Project -$63,000

Western Power Requirements

  • New underground power dome installed by Western Power contractor.
  • Fees paid to Western Power.

Water Corporation Requirements

  • Plumber cut in a new sewer junction to service one of the new lots.
  • Fees paid to Water Corporation.

City of Canning Requirements

  • Demolished existing building and cleared site to sand base only.
  • Removed and back-filled old septic sewer systems & leach drains.
  • Signed Statutory Declaration for removal of old septic sewer systems
  • Removed swimming pool, back-filled and compacted ground.
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report was required to establish quality of soil.
  • Additional land fill (Earthworks) was required to bring land to compliance.
  • Owner Signed Statutory Declaration for removal of old septic sewer systems