Subdivison Type

389 Belgravia St, Cloverdale WA 6105, Australia

3 Lots with Common Driveway – Survey Strata Subdivision

My Subdivision Service Provided

Full Project Management & Land Surveying

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Subdivision Company Perth| subdivision cost calculator wa

Project Summary

On this project my subdivision was engaged to undertake full project management and land surveying due to our client having a busy work and family schedule. The offered service would require us to engage all trades to undertake worksand come up with a strategy to keep costs down by doing a detailed subdivision feasibility report and investigation.

Project Challenges

  • Provide turn-key project management and land surveying service.
  • Meeting the client’s maximum budget for spending through cost feasibility study.
  • Detailed Investigation of how to minimise spending on site-works and driveway & drainage construction.
  • Management of clients cashflow through company Trust Fund.

Project Outcome

  • Project went over its original allowed budget by $10,000, due to client’s decision to fully construct a paved driveway to make blocks more appealing to potential buyers.This was a great decision with all blocks marketed and sold off the plan prior to titles being issued.
  • Driveway and drainage earthworks were completed by our preferred contractor and lead to significant cost savings for the client compared to other companies offering similar services.
  • On special request by the client to manage his funds, a new company banking trust fund was set up. The owner was provided with weekly updates on spending’s and copies of bank account statements. This trust fund was audited at end of project by our accountant and all costings & quotes from contractors were provided to the client for complete transparency.

Project Costs

  • Western Australian Planning Commission / WAPC - $4200
  • City of Belmont Fees - $220
  • Water Corporation Fees - $13,600*
  • Western Power Fees - $4662
  • Landgate Fees - $569
  • Land Surveying / Project Management Fees - $5000-$8000 (indicative).
  • Plumber Fees - $1980
  • Electrician Fees - $2100
  • Settlement Agent Fees - $900
  • Unit Entitlement Valuation - $300
  • Demolition Fees - $21000*
  • Driveway & Drainage Construction - $10,000*
  • Kerb Remediation Fees - $ 1500

Total Costings on Project -$69,000

Western Power Requirements

  • New underground power dome installed by western power contractor.
  • Fees paid to Western Power.
  • Electrician provided underground connections to each lot.
  • Electrician installed site main switch board to satisfy 30m rule.

Water Corporation Requirements

  • Plumber re-routed plumbing pipes to service the 3 new strata lots.
  • Water contributions paid to water corporation.

City of BelmontRequirements

  • Demolished existing building and cleared site to sand base only.
  • Removed and back filled old septic sewer systems & leach drains.
  • Signed Statutory Declaration for removal of old septic sewer systems.
  • Removed swimming pool, back filled and compacted ground.
  • Additional land fill (Earthworks) was required as a base for new driveway.
  • New paved driveway with drainage to council specifications.
  • Redundant crossover removed and kerb remediated.