Water Corporation
Plumbing Requirements

Water Corporation Plumbing Requirements

On receiving your conditional approval for your upcoming subdivision, you will notice conditions in place from the Water Corporation.

In terms of plumbing for a Survey Strata & Green Title Subdivisions, Subdivision Perth will ensure all work is completed by the elected plumber to achieve WA Planning Commission and Water Corporation clearances.

You will have to pay water contributions better know as “Headworks Fees” which will typically be in the region of approximately $6000. The typical requirements during a subdivision application put simply will include some of the following.

All Service Are To Be Relocated To Within 600mm Of The Boundary.

For example, in a Battle Axe Subdivision, the front properties Sewer Line, would need to be diverted and rerouted to follow the boundary and remain within 600mm of this boundary.

Generally the original drain for the front property, would have been taking the most direct path to the Sewer Connection Point. This often is straight through the newly created LOT 2.

Therefore there is the need to reroute the drain, so the drain does not remain under the new build of LOT 2.

Sewer Inspection Point To Be Created For Lot 1

The original Sewer Inspection Point for LOT 1, after the property is subdivided, is often in LOT 2.

Subdivisions Perth’s Plumbers, create a new inspection point for LOT 1.

This allows any drain maintenance to be conducted from LOT 1 and there is no need to gain access into LOT 2 for maintenance.

Sewer Connection Point To Be Created For Lot 2

A Sewer Connection Point needs to be provided for Lot 2 (or for every additional lot).

Subdivisions Perth’s Plumbers, create this connection point or points for the future properties to connect to.

Certificate Of Compliance To Be Lodged And Provided To Client

All works as set out in the above points, are to be carried out by a Licensed Plumber.

The Certification of this work is proven by the issuing of a Certificate of Compliance.

This Cerificate is your proof that the work has been completed by a Licensed Plumber to the standards set out in the AS 3500

As Constructed Drawing

An As Constructed Drawing, is a drawing specific to your property.

It is created by the Plumber that completed the works. It has measurements from datums, which allow you to see the path of the drain and have exact locations of Inspection Points, should they ever be required.

The are invaluable during construction. Subdivisions Perth, ensure you have this information.

Green Title Subdivisions

As the name suggests, “Green Title” literally means no shared property or services. From a plumbing perspective, this type of Perth Subdivision, can be simple or complex and therefore costly.

Generally the created lot orientation is side by side, but could be back and front or even battle axe. The critical question is access to the Ministers Sewers. Unlike Survey Strata Subdivisions, where the plumber can run the Sewer down the boundary within 600mm to reach the new lot, Green Title can have no adjoining property services.

This means the Green Title lot will need a new junction provided for the Lot, if there is access to the Ministers Sewer or a Sewer Extension. Sewer Extensions are a last resort and should be very carefully costed before any WAPC submissions. They can often cost 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Sewer Junction Cut In

A Sewer Junction Cut In, is a junction cut in to the Ministers Sewer by the Water Corporation. Subdivisions Perth Plumber’s provide this excavation for the Water Corporation.

The excavation needs to achieve OHS Standards set out by the Water Corporation. Subdivisions Perth Plumbers also need to locate any underground services when undertaking the excavation.

This is important to ensure your project runs smoothly, without delay and unforeseen cost.

Sewer Extension

A Sewer Extension, is an extension of the Ministers Sewer.

This is Water Corporations Infrastructure.

Any work completed needs extensive consultation from the Water Corporation an Approved Hydraulic Engineer and a Licensed Plumber that has a Water Corporation Pipe Layer’s Certification. All these factors combined, make the exercise costly.

Subdivisions Perth can assist with this process. The can determine whether it is the best option and if so, what it will cost.