Subdivision Cost Calculator W.A

Important… Please Read before using Calculator

This calculator report provides an approximate cost for your subdivision based off typical scenarios for a 2-3 lot subdivision. This report should be used as a general guide only and should be backed up by your own investigations and due diligence.

The most important selection in the below options will be the SUBDIVISION TYPE option.  Your subdivision type selection will determine how the calculator performs the calculation and how it will estimate your final cost.

The final cost estimate should not be viewed as a cost provided directly from (My Subdivision) for your project. Our own fee will be itemised in the report emailed to you and this fee will be subject to change depending on the project.




$80 per line metre
$3,393 + $77 per lot
$73 per lot
# Lots
# Lots
2-3 Lots
$293 + $76 per lot

Total Fee

$ 0

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