Western Power
Electrical Requirements

Western Power Electrical Requirements

One of the main parts of the subdivision process are the requirements laid out by Western Power. When you get your conditional approval from the WAPC you will observe conditions from Western Power that must be completed prior to you receiving your clearance from them.

The process of completing these conditions is tricky for a first time developer and is usually worked out between the land surveyor and the electrician of your choice.

Subdivision Perth recommend one of Perth’s best subdivision electricians to all our clients to help get the job done quickly and efficiently. They have kindly prepared the below information in conjunction with us to help you understand the conditions you will more than likely encounter during your own subdivision.

Provision of an electricity supply to the survey strata lots.

When creating a new lot, you will need to provide an underground point of supply for your new lot. This is undertaken by western power via a new connection application. To submit this application, you will require site photos as well as a site plan that has been marked up by your electrical contractor showing WADCM and WAER compliant location for the supply.

After application Western power will provide fixed quotation for this work.

Typically, If your property is in an area with overhead powerlines you can expect one of the following costs.

If overhead powerlines are running on the same side of the road as your property – $3400.

If overhead powerlines are running on the opposite side of the road to your property – $4900.

Western power currently states the following lead times “3 weeks to provide you with a quote”​

“10 weeks to build once payment is received and customer has confirmed with western power that the site is ready for construction”

Undergrounding of existing overhead connections

This is often a requirement where an existing dwelling is to be retained and currently has an “overhead” supply.

In order to achieve this, the electrician will provide you with a fixed quote to replace your existing overhead consumer’s main with an underground consumer main.

Once approved we will install your new underground consumers main. Once done we will first submit a “preliminary notice” then a network request with western power for the disconnection of old and connection of new main. This will incur a cost $500 from western power. This cost will need to be paid at time of scheduling so to prevent delays the electrician will request that this is paid to us prior so we can make payment when booking.

Once scheduled depending on western power workload you will generally need to allow 3 – 4 weeks for service.

On the day of Your service the electrician will meet western power on site to undertake works and test. Upon completion a “notice of completion” ( see attachment A) will be submitted to western power, An electrical safety certificate issued to the client and an underground service location drawing supplied into your switchboard. ( see attachment B).

Please remember Underground consumers mains must be installed parallel to boundaries, within the lot they service or and easement” and be no longer than 30 metes in length.