Battle Axe Survey Strata Subdivision

Rear Lot or Battle Axe blocks, as they are commonly known, are methods of subdivision used more so for two-lot subdivision designs. There are typically two ways these lots can be created, and we will explain the first here which is Survey Strata Battle Axe.

The name Battle Axe comes from the shape of the block including the access leg which looks like a traditional axe with a handle.

The person who owns the rear lot has exclusive use of the access leg unless there is a “Right of Carriageway” easement to the benefit of the front lot. This right of carriageway easement would allow them to reverse out onto the access leg, and then exit in a forward gear on to the road.

Survey Strata Subdivision

Survey Strata Subdivision With Common Property

There is very little difference between a Survey Strata Battle Axe and a Survey Strata with Common Property.

The main difference is the access leg services both lots. Typically, two-lot Survey Strata with Common Property subdivisions will have a driveway width of between 3.5 and 4 meters, depending on the area and local planning requirements. Both parties are required to share responsibility for the upkeep and condition of the driveway lot.