Corner Block Subdivision

​Generally, you will see this type of subdivision on a corner block at the end of a street where the original green title lot has been split up into smaller survey strata or green title blocks.  Keep in mind that lots of corner block developments are green title subdivisions, but we have found that the majority tend to be Survey Strata stemming from  difficulties developing green title blocks due to sewer mains location and the costs to develop green title being greater usually.

Remember the only thing that makes survey strata different to green title is that the two lots are sharing services, otherwise it will have all the hallmarks of Green title blocks with their own street frontage.

Corner block survey strata subdivisions are often suited for small 2-3 lot developments where lots are side by side. This involves an existing Green Title lot being surveyed into smaller subdivided lots with distinct boundaries.

New Corner Block Policy

The new corner block policy allows people to subdivide using minimum area instead of the average area which has really opened up options for people who previously could not subdivide particularly R20 zoned lots. Instead of needing a minimum of 900m2 for an R20 corner block you now only require 700m2.

To find out more about corner block subdivision for either Green Title or Survey Strata, call us today.