Subdivision Costs Case Study

We will now show you a list of total costings for a recent 2 lot subdivision in Leeming that we were asked to project manage.

Through this exercise we accumulated the prices for the client from all the required contractors without adding any margins. Adding margins is a common exercise performed by other project management companies in W.A to increase profits.

This is not a model that we personally partake in and Subdivision Perth provides its clients with all contractor’s quotations, so you can view them yourself and file them for your own accounts and tax purposes.

We hope this will give you some proper answers on the costs to subdivide a property in Perth in the current market.

  • Surveying – $3000 – $4000*
  • WAPC Fees – $3839 Total
  • Local Government Fees – $600
  • Landgate Fee’s – $450
  • Water Contributions – $6000
  • Western Power Contributions – $4900
  • Plumber – $2000
  • Electrician – $2000
  • Settlement Agent – $800
  • Unit Valuation Survey Strata – $300
  • Demolition with council / services disconnection fees – $23000


Total Project Costs : $48,000 GST

If you are (not demolishing) a house or doing modifications simply subtract the cost of demolition and you should be in the ball park for your own project.

NOTE – Please remember that this is not going to be exactly what your project will cost. It may be cheaper or more expensive.

Call Subdivision Perth today for a comprehensive discussion on what you need completed and how much it may cost.

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